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Rock Prairie Perfoming Arts Association

RPPAA is a Not for Profit Provider of Arts with dedicated players who truely believe in the groups and play for the enjoyment of playing for an audience....

The Rock Prairie Performing Arts Association believes in the same principals as it did when it was first started. Because of this, we operate on a very modest budget and look for donations, however the size, to keep the groups going.

Some of the current players not only donate much of their free time to the groups, but also donate their money as well, when and where needed.

Our Groups and RPPAA Board are always looking for fresh faces in the crowd, whether you are a musician or a fan of our music. Your involvement can come directly through getting involved, or providing a modest donation ($2 requested, but not required at nearly all of our events throughout the year).

We look forward to seeing all of you in attendance at the next Rock Prairie Performing Arts Association event or concert.

Contact Professor Jeff Suarez at UW - Rock County, Janesville for more details;

Contact Emails: [email protected], or [email protected]

Phone: 608-898-5082

Your Support, Large or Small, is always appreciated!

The Rock Prairie Performing Arts Organization is a group of volunteer community members from the Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois area. The purpose of the RPPAA is to bring artists and the public together to enjoy the highest quality performances for our growth and interests.